Görkem Keser a street & documentary photographer living in Istanbul Turkey who was born in 1986. Working as a freelance photographer. Graduated in Media and Communication Systems at the İstanbul Bilgi University in 2010.
Görkem’s photos have a very cohesive visual language, dominated by blue tones and wide-angle shots. He applies it mostly to street photography in order to capture the many faces of Istanbul. His photographs have been  shown in exhibitions as well as the newspaper and magazines. Görkem’s work is focused street photography and experimental projects.


LAFP Concept Turkey,Los Angeles

LAFP Concept Turkey, Istanbul

Berlin Calling Istanbul: Gezi Rebirth, Berlin

Bayeux Calvados des Correspondants de Guerre ''Turkey: Occupygezi, Paris

Fotoistanbul İnternational Photo Festival 2014 '' The Church: Healing'' 

Fotoistanbul İnternational Photo Festival 2015 '' Dead Retina'' İstanbul

2016 EyeEm Photography Festival, Berlin


Media and Communication Systems / İstanbul Bilgi University

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