The Galata Bridge is a bridge that spans the Golden Horn in Istanbul, Brigde one of the most famous place in istanbul. Many fishermen choose this place to fishing. Life starts early in the morning at Galata Bridge. The bridge still protects its unique spirit with fishermen, tourists, tea and bagel salesmen. Some come just for fun, where some earns money out of fishing. Because visiting the bridge is one of the significant attraction in the city, fishermen got used to the tourist taking pictures, they even pose sometimes. it is not only the fishermen that can get benefits out of the brigde but also cats and seagulls, they are always fed by fishermen. People on the bridge are unaware that they ae a part of an important composition of Istanbul. yet, there is an urban sprawl problem in istanbul which spoils the sulhouette and spread very fast. Even though it’s hard for the people to accept the truth, the city is under the risk of loosing it’s original and aesthetic spirit. With this conditions, places like galata bridge can sustain the historical touch of the city for today