In this project, I wish to take a journey to my past and demonstrate certain things about people and their bonds. Also I want to highlight the aesthetic concern which has disappeared in our modern, degenerated society. This project titled “Kizuna” is composed of three parts and this first part is about buttons and the pictures of the family members who had used those buttons and their experiences. Buttons have always been important to me because they remind me of my childhood. 20 years ago, it was my greatest pleasure to play with those buttons at grandma’s house which was full of traces of the past. After 20 years when I took these buttons in my hands, my relatives who had used these buttons and my own past flashed before my eyes. In "Kizuna", meaning "Bonds" in Japanese, using hundred years old buttons and the pictures of the people who had used them somehow, I hope to bring a critical approach to the degenerated society with some nostalgia