Can technology steal our memories, This is a very important question we need to ask ourselves? I made this project to explain a possible poor feature of technology. The photographs on this project represent a man who died in the hospital.This is a semi-fictional story about how television steal our memory.

My grandmother had to go to the hospital and I had to take care of her.I have seen many patients at this time in hospital. Most of the time they watched television without ever leaving. Then I remembered that ''While we are dying, our life passes through our eyes like a film strip'' I thought that it would not be possible for these people. They were exposed to too many television visuals before they died. I wanted to tell you that these real memories were absorbed by television.The idea of the placement of television images instead of real memories scared me.

I captured images by taking long exposures on a small television. I wanted to record these images as the last moments of a dying consciousness.I criticized today's experience while questioning reality.